Are you a Coach, Consultant or Trainer?

 Do you want to take your business to a new, more successful and profitable level? 

Yes, then read on …

iKoach was created out of a desire to do things differently!

The concept behind iKoach provides a completely fresh perspective on the way Coaches, Consultants and Trainers interact with their Clients, and deliver their services.

It represents a fundamental shift in the way most Coaches, Consultants and Trainers work, and it allows you to break through the earnings barrier that exists when you sell your time. 

More than just a new piece of software, iKoach gives you the opportunity, and the facility, to create a whole new model for your business, and how you interact with your clients, providing them with the solutions they need, in a way that they want, while making your business much more profitable.

iKoach is an interactive, on-line coaching and training tool, that allows you to package up your skills and expertise, and then deliver it to your clients, without you needing to be there!

You simply create your coaching/training programme, in modules, using any combination of text, audio, and video, and then package it up at different price points.

Here are just some of the ways you can offer your programme

  • As a self study only course, where your client can work through it entirely at their own pace – that’s a completely passive income stream for you
  • As an on-line coaching or training programme, where you provide written coaching and feedback within the iKoach platform, so you are working when you want to
  • As part of your group coaching programme, where you can provide resources and/ or homework for them between sessions, and so that you can see where individuals need help
  • As an alternative to your workshops, for those who can’t attend your live events – why limit the number of people you can reach because of location?
  • As an ongoing Membership programme, where you drip feed in modules each month using the facility within the platform
  • As a customised, bespoke package for your VIP clients, where you give them just what they need when they need it

And that’s not all …

You can take out some of the modules from your main programme to create lower priced programmes.  So, for example if you are a Marketing Consultant or Coach, your main programme may have a number of modules covering the many different aspects of marketing. You could take the modules on say, Social Media Marketing, and create a smaller programme for those potential clients who just want to learn how to use social media more effectively.
That’s another income stream for you from the work you did once in creating your main programme!

And that’s still not all …

You can create as many programmes as you wish, to deliver in as many formats as you want, to as many clients as you want to reach – globally!!

You have multiple streams of income, which do not require your time or ongoing input to deliver – and that is the key to building a successful, profitable business.

For as long as you offer only your one-to-one time to your clients, you place a ceiling on your income – you don’t have a business – you have a self-employed job, where your income is limited by the number of clients you can work with at any time, and the number of hours you work.

Now that’s not to say that you shouldn’t work one-to-one with your clients at all.  I know for many of you, that is where you get the real satisfaction and joy from what you do.

With this new model, you get to build a successful, profitable business, and still get to work with those clients who you really want to work with, who value your skills and expertise – on your terms! 
You see, if you are not totally depending on being able to secure one-to-one clients to generate your income, you can be a little bit more choosy about who you take on as a VIP client.

iKoach is transforming the way we interact with our clients, and the way we do business, all over the world – it’s the future of Coaching & Training, and it’s here now!

Are you ready to see what this affordable, flexible tool can do for your Business?

When you take advantage of our 14 Day Free Trial offer, you get full access to the iKoach application, with all of the facilities and functionality it has to offer, as well as the “Fast Start” training videos, and an extra bonus video, showing you how you can package up your expertise for extra revenue.

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