About Us

 iKoach was created out of a desire to do things differently.

It is a collaboration between Business Success for Coaches, Consultants & Trainers ( a trading style of 9inth Element Ltd) and BACK Consulting, a partnership which provides the two key elements that make iKoach the incredibly effective tool it is:-

  • A fresh perspective on the way Coaches, Consultants and Trainers interact with their Clients, and deliver their services, based on years of experience in the field;
  • The technical expertise to build a system that is powerful, secure and flexible, yet at the same time is simple to set up, and user friendly for clients.


The 9inth Element Group provides Coaching and Training to service professionals, primarily other coaches, consultants and trainers.  We help them to establish, develop and grow their businesses based on effective and sustainable models.

We recognised that the online world, and the phenomenal growth in it’s usage in everyday life, presented an opportunity to transform the old models of how we, and our clients, could deliver our expertise.

More than just a new piece of software, we could create a whole new model for how we all interact with our clients,  providing them with the solutions they need, in a way that they want, while making our businesses more profitable.

And so the concept was born, and the model developed – all that remained was to build the application to make it happen  …….


BACK Consulting are different to most web and design companies.

They are a web development and e-commerce business consultancy which has a track record of exceeding client expectations and delivering excellence.

They specialise in building e-commerce, customised web sites with applications and online interactive tools embedded as well as educational platforms, bespoke software and tools and embedding your social media.

The perfect guys to build the iKoach application!




iKoach is a trading style of 9inth Element Ltd

9inth Element Ltd is a Company Registered in England.

Company No. 04691959

Registered Office: Pennyfine Road, Sunniside, Newcastle Upon Tyne. NE16 5EP