Hints & Tips – One Set of Content = Multiple Programmes & Prices

The concept behind iKoach is that it enables you to reach more clients, and generate more income into your business, without you having to sell more of your time.  You get to create a new Business Model.

So how does this work in practice?

Well, let’s look at just one example of how you can leverage your time and effort, using iKoach.

A typical model for many Coaches, Consultants and Trainers, is that they predominantly offer one to one coaching or training, and occasionally offer workshops in their local area. 
There are so many things wrong with this model, and so many limitations to it, but I’m not going to cover them all now!  For the purpose of this example, we can just focus on the fact that you have a limited number of hours in any day, week, month or even year, and you can only be in one place at any one time.

However, if you take the content that you would normally deliver in your one to one sessions, or in your workshops, and create one set of content in iKoach, you then have the basis for any number of Programmes, which you can offer to potential clients at different price points.

So, you could offer the same content as:

  • A Self Study Programme
  • An on-line Coaching/Training Programme, where you also provide feedback within iKoach
  • A Group Coaching/Training Programme, where you also add in Group Teleseminars
  • A Membership Programme that clients can join anytime, and get access to the content at scheduled times set by you
  • A VIP Programme for the clients you work with on a “one to one” basis

…… and these are just some ideas!

All of these programmes use the same content, but they are “packaged” differently, and priced differently – I would strongly suggest that the more of your time, and individual attention is included in the programme, the higher the price would be.  So, your VIP Programme would be considerably more expensive than your Self Study Programme.

For your potential Clients, you are offering them different ways to access the solution they are looking for – ie your expertise, delivered in ways that suit them, at price points that are affordable to more of them.
You are removing for them the barriers that may previously have stopped them from coming to you, such as – they can’t get to where you are holding your workshop that particular day, or they are not prepared to commit the time each week or month for your one to one sessions, or they don’t believe they can afford your consultancy rate.

For you, it means you can reach a wider audience than you previously could, in terms of geography, in terms of the way people want to learn and experience you, in terms of what they are able or prepared to pay for your solution. 

Bottom line is you are adding revenue streams to your business, revenue that you can generate without you having to be in a set place, for a set period of time, doing your thing.

And all from one set of content :-)

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