Hints & Tips – Schedule Your Modules

Within iKoach you have the facility to schedule the release of each module in your Programme.

This means you can decide when your Clients get access to each of the modules, in what order and at what timescales.

So when and why would you use this facility?

There are a number of ways you can use these, and I want to give you a couple of examples to get you thinking how you could use it to best effect.

One way is where you are providing a Training or Coaching Programme, where you want your client to understand the concept or learning point in one module, before they move onto the next.  You can set the subsequent module(s) to only be available a few days or weeks after the module which contains the key learning point.

Another way is where you may be running a Group Programme or Bootcamp, over a fixed period of time, and where you want all of the particpants working on, and focusing on the lastest module and not jumping ahead.  This is a great way to keep the entire group on track.

If you are using iKoach to deliver a Membership Programme, where Clients pay a monthly Membership Fee, then you don’t want to give them access to everything from day one.  Regrettably, there are people who will pay the first month’s membership, get access to all of your materials, copy it and then cancel their future membership payments once they have it all  :-(   To prevent this, you can schedule your modules to be delivered consecutively each month, so Members only get what they have paid for.

A great aspect of this model is that you can have an on-going Membership Programme, that means it doesn’t matter when a new Member joins in the future, they start at the first module and iKoach automatically gives them access each month to the new modules, depending on how you have set it up.

I think this is a great model, because you literally do the work once and then can continue to add paying Members indefinately, and with no limit on the number of Members you can have in the Programme – the perfect way to build a passive income!

There is a Video Tutorial demonstrating how to set up scheduling here

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